Project Nepal

Jonah M. Kessel / China Daily
Jonah M. Kessel / China Daily


We are a group of 8 students from NTNU who will take part in a non-profit humanitarian aid project in Nepal this summer, with the goal of repairing medical equipment at local hospitals. The project is coordinated by Engineering World Health (in collaboration with Technical University of Denmark), and will consist of a 3 week course in Denmark before 6 weeks of work in Nepal. There, we will receive some language and cultural training before we are placed in hospitals all over the country. Last year, 280 machines with a total value of approximately 3,8 million DKK (0,5 million EUR) were repaired. In addition, there will be a focus on transferring knowledge in the form of teaching the locals and creating easy-to-read manuals, such that a real change is made.

On our blog you can follow us in the preparation process, in Denmark and also in Nepal. Our goal is to update the blog as much as possible and we hope all of you want follow us on our journey.

– All of us in Project Nepal NTNU



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