A huge part of our project is fundraising. To be able to go to Nepal,  we need to cooperate with companies and organisations, as well as departments, faculties, and other agents at the university. Project Nepal NTNU is hopefully going to be an annual thing, and was organised for the first time last year. Since the project mainly was funded by the university in 2016, we are the first group that has to fundraise on our own. This means that we have a lot of branding and “spreading-of-the-word” to do! 

Our strategy so far has been sending emails and making calls to companies and organisations we believe could be interested in supporting our project. We’re also talking to the main contact networks at the university, and will be meeting with the Global Health NTNU ( in the beginning of April. In addition to this, we’re making an effort to be active on social media, and our Facebook page reached 380 likes in a single day! Tekna, one of the largest labour unions in Norway, has recently shared our page, which we appreciate a lot!

To make sure we stay productive and focused, we meet every Thursday to talk about our progress; here is a picture from today’s meeting.


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