Course by DTU students

Yesterday, Christian and Nicolai came to Trondheim to teach us about the basics in soldering and how to handle hospital machines. They were flown in from Denmark by IUG NTNU (Engineers Without Borders NTNU). Nicolai was in Nepal last year, so he could also tell us about his stay and what to expect. It’s been incredibly valuable to get some more insight into what our trip will be like, so that we can prepare more easily — both mentally and practically. Having spoken to them and been given a better idea of what to expect, we look forward to the summer more than ever!

We’d like to direct a huge thanks to IUG NTNU and Engineering World Health DTU for making this course possible for us, and also to Revolve NTNU for letting us use their mechatronics lab. We also want to thank IUG NTNU for everything they have done for us, from giving us business contacts to arranging courses for us. We are very grateful for all your help!

IMG_2731.JPGNicolai telling us about his stay.IMG_2733.JPGWe also had a skype meeting with Doctors Without Borders. They told us about aid work in the challenging landscape and infrastructure of Nepal. Motivational! IMG_2738.JPGIMG_2757.JPG

IMG_2837.JPGThank you for preparing us for DTU and Nepal!IMG_2842.JPGAfter an intro to electrical components, a skype meeing with Doctors Without Borders and a hands-on part in the lab with soldering and such, we finished off a long day with dinner in Tyholttårnet.

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