We have arrived in Nepal


we have finally arrived in Nepal! We have already started with the Nepali training and have also gotten some cultural experiences. The country is very beautiful with its green hills and valleys, old tempels and friendly people. We can not wait to see more!

After breakfast we get some cultural lessons together as a whole group. Afterwards we split up in smaller groups of six people. Each group has their own personal teacher. The learning curve is really steep! Did you know that “dudh” means milk? And that they have a lot of english words, especially for more modern things?

In the afternoon we are visiting cultural sites and also Dhulikhel Hospital. There is a lot of beautiful places to experience. Both Hindu and Buddhist tempels are quite common in Nepal, and we have already seen some. Some of us have also tried to eat with our hands, and some are trying to postpone it. When you eat with your hands you eat at a slower pace and it actually becomes more tasteful!

Right now we are staying in a hotel in Dhulikhel, but on Friday we will go to our arrival families in Kathmandu. After staying there for a week, we will go to our host families and hospitals.


Here are some pictures from Dhulikhel you can enjoy until our next post.



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