Project Nepal NTNU 2018


We are the students from NTNU who will participate in the EWH Summer Institute in Nepal during the summer of 2018. We just got accepted to the program, but we have had weekly meetings since January. Now we are ready to begin the preparation for real!

Go to “About us” on the top of the page to read more about the project.

180202_Project Nepal_04
Nora, Synnøve, Marie, Maria and Ingvild
From last year’s program

During the next four months, we will do a lot of preparation in Norway before we travel to Denmark and Nepal. We will do a fundraising to have the ability to pay for the voluntary work. Next week we will attend a preparation course about humanitarian aid. Later this spring some students from DTU, who are former participants of the EWH Summer Institute, will visit Trondheim to teach us about soldering. We look forward to prepare ourselves for this project! We will update this blog, our Facebook site and Instagram profile weekly in the preparation period. And, of course during our stay in Denmark and Nepal.


Blogg2.3..Today we have had our first meeting since we were accepted to the program. We have discussed the fundraising so far, and we have booked our plane to Nepal. In four months will travelling to  Nepal, and we are very excited for the journey! This will indeed be a memorable summer!

A big thank you to the sponsors we have gotten so far:

NTNU Helse

Institutt for energi- og prosessteknikk NTNU/ Department of Energy and Process Engineering NTNU

Institutt for maskinteknikk og produksjon NTNU/ Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering NTNU



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