Nepalese Cultural Evening 2018


Today Ingvild, Marie and Synnøve attended the Nepalese Cultural Evening in Trondheim. This is an annual event organized by the Nepalese Society in Trondheim (NeST). The goal of the event is to present Nepalese cultural and natural diversity through a chosen theme. The theme is different every year, and this year’s theme was the seasons of Nepal. Nepal has six seasons, and these were presented to us through movies, poems, dances, music and plays. During the evening we learned a lot about Nepalese culture, and we even got to try some ethnical dancing. The event ended with a dinner where we ate delicious Nepalese food.

The hosts of the event
A dance to the spring season
Ashare dance
Tandav Dance
An ethnical dance performed by four different ethnical groups from Nepal


Synnøve, Ingvild and Marie together with four Nepalese women who taught us some Nepalese dance moves


After attending the Nepalese Cultural Evening we can’t wait to experience more of the beautiful Nepalese culture in Nepal this summer.

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