Synnøve Hovden

Let’s get to know the next member of the project, Synnøve Hovden.

180202_Project Nepal_12

Name: Synnøve Hovden
Age: 21
Hometown: Bykle, Aust-Agder
Study program: Electrical Engineering (Energi og Miljø)
Hobbies: Hiking, skiing

Motivation and some expectations:
I think that growing up in Norway with infinite opportunities comes with a responsibility to help those who do not have the same opportunities as I do. This responsibility is what motivated me to apply for the DTU-EWH Summer Program. Through this program, I will be able to repair medical equipment, and in that way help strengthen a system that has tremendous impact on a person’s health. I also see this humanitarian aid project as a sustainable one, as we will create easy-to-read manuals, and train locals on using and repairing medical equipment.

Another motivation for applying for the Nepal Summer Institute is that the project allows me to challenge myself both culturally and academically, and that it gives me the opportunity to use what I learn at the university in practice. Like Ingvild, I too believe that we have a lot to learn from Nepali culture and people, and I look forward to exchange thoughts, perspectives, and ideas with the Nepali people.


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