Soldering course

Last Sunday we were lucky enough to have two students, from the local chapter of EWH at Denmark Technical University(DTU), holding a soldering course for us here in Trondheim. Both students were EWH project alumni and one of them, Nicolai, had been to Nepal only two years ago.

The day started at 10 am with a presentation of electrical safety, followed by Nicolai telling us about some of his experiences from working at a hospital in Nepal. And even though he emphasized that those who attend the EWH Summer Institute in Nepal comes home with quite different experiences, depending on where and at which hospital they have been, I think the five of us were left with more insight to what this summer will bring.

After lunch it was finally time to solder.

Marie is trying to repair an electrical cord
Nicolai supervises Marie and Ingvild who are working on making an extension cord, while Nora and Maria is building a simple flashlight at the other table.

We appreciate that the students from DTU came all the way to Trondheim to hold this course for us, and we are looking forward to go to DTU on a three week long preparation course before we leave for Nepal this summer.

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