Parbat District Hospital

After a 10-hour bumpy bus ride filled with both sun and rain we finally arrived at Parbat, or Kushma, which is the name of the village where my Danish partner Marie and I are going to spend our next four and a half weeks. It is a small village in the western part of Nepal not far from Pokhara.

After getting off the bus we met our “host father”, and he showed us the room at the guest house where we are going to live. Although the room is big, it is still very primitive. But nature here is very beautiful, and we have a really nice view from right outside our room.


The hanging bridge not far from our guest house


We have been to Kusma for about three days now, and we have worked at Parbat District Hospital for two days. Parbat District Hospital is a small hospital in Kusma not far away from our guest house. We now work at the hospital every day from ten to five except Saturdays; our day off. Our first day we spent getting an impression of the different rooms at the hospital and the equipment, as well as getting the key to the maintenance room. We thought the maintenance room would contain a lot of broken equipment, and that there might be sort of an equipment graveyard. We were rather disappointed after getting the key when we realized the room was a dirty old classroom, with a lot of broken autoclaves with missing heating elements that are not fixable.


On our second day of work, we decided to clean the maintenance room to make it a better workplace, as well as working on some broken ECG machines.


Our maintenance room after cleaning it


We have not received that much broken equipment yet, but I am excited to see what the next weeks may bring, and how much equipment we will be able to repair.


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