Weekend in Pokhara

After two and a half weeks working on different hospitals, it was time for some time off. The participants, Maria, Ingvild, Marie and Nora, staying near Pokhara met in this city for a short vacation.  Here we could live like real tourists.

Friday afternoon all the participants met in a German bakery who had real coffee(!!!) opposite to our hotel by the lake. Because there was two weeks since  we last saw each other, we had a lot to catch up on.

Saturday were full of new experiences. At dawn, we went to a view point where one at clear days can see the nearby hills and mountains. Unfortunately, the fog was too thick and we only saw parts of the hills, but it was still a nice view. After breakfast at the hotel, we went to David’s falls, Mahendra Cave and the Seti river with a hydropower set up on top.  This was followed by visiting a mountain museum where we learned about Everest and other famous mountains in Nepal.







One of the persons organizing the program in Nepal have started a children’s home in Pokhara, which we also visited. He talked about the startup and history of this children’s home.

After lunch, we went to the Phewa Lake, positioned close to our hotel.  We were transported in rowing boats to a small island in the center of the lake where we visited Barahi Temple.





After the long and busy, but interesting day, we spent the evening at a restaurant and had a taste of low season nightlife in Pokhara.

Then after a slow Sunday morning, it was time to say good bye to each other and head back for two more weeks of work at the  hospital placements. After this mini-vacation in Pokhara, we are well prepared for more work on medical equipment, to start our secondary project and of course more of the traditional dal-bhat meal.


Norwegian Marie and Ingvild with some of the Danish participants in front of Phewa Lake

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