Eline Myhrum Westby

Vår neste person som skal være med oss til Nepal er Eline! Navn: Eline Myhrum Westby Alder: 23 år Hvor er du fra: Bærum Studieprogram: Industriell økonomi og teknologiledelse Litt om meg selv: Jeg har studert på NTNU i snart 5 år, med et utvekslingsopphold i Cape Town i 3.klasse. For tiden skriver jeg masteroppgave … More Eline Myhrum Westby

Emil Alvar Myhre

Den neste personen som skal være med oss til Nepal er Emil! Navn: Emil Alvar Myhre Alder: 21 Hvor er du fra: Porsgrunn Studieprogram: Industriell matematikk Litt om meg selv: For ikke å drukne i matematiske symboler, er jeg glad i en hektisk hverdag fylt med ting som gjør meg glad. Studiet kombineres med en … More Emil Alvar Myhre

Rangichangi out

Namaste and thank you so much for all the support from amazing friends, family, companies, organizations and our school NTNU. Without you this project wouldn’t be possible! Soon new participants will start their journey, and we wish them good luck. Here’s a movie from our summer: #rangichangiout

Gorkha District Hospital and Amppipal Community Hospital

Namaste! When I write this, it is about one hour since my partner, Thas, and I packed up our toolbox one final time. Since then I have walked the two minutes long way from Amppipal community hospital to the hospital guest house, filled in the last equipment we looked at into our “Work Summary”, stressed … More Gorkha District Hospital and Amppipal Community Hospital

New sponsor: NITO

We are happy and proud to announce that NITO (The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists) is supporting our project, and by that making it possible for us to repair medical equipment in Nepal. NITO is the largest organisation for engineers and technologists with Bachelor, Master or higher qualifications in Norway. NITO have over 20 local … More New sponsor: NITO

Weekend in Pokhara

After two and a half weeks working on different hospitals, it was time for some time off. The participants, Maria, Ingvild, Marie and Nora, staying near Pokhara met in this city for a short vacation.  Here we could live like real tourists. Friday afternoon all the participants met in a German bakery who had real … More Weekend in Pokhara

Week 4 – Language and Cultural orientation in Nepal

So, before you get to know anything from the exiting journey we’re now just started, you got to learn one word; rangichangi. It means colorful in Nepali, and it’s a good description of the country. Lady’s walking in their pretty saris, bikers in their rain ponchos in many different colors, the houses are painted in … More Week 4 – Language and Cultural orientation in Nepal

Week 1

Hi, Now our journey has finally begun, and we have just finished our first week of training at DTU. This week we have had a lot of practical and theoretical training, and we have gained a lot of skills that we will benefit from in Nepal. We have learned how to repair broken wires, how … More Week 1

Nora Statle Løndal

Let us get to know the last member of the project, Nora Statle Løndal. Name: Nora Statle Løndal Age: 22 Hometown: Lillehammer, Oppland Study program: Nanotechnology Hobbies: Hiking, needlework and photography. Motivation and some expectations: Quite often, I find it frustrating being a student. Yes, exams are tough and yes, there is always a chapter or an article that should … More Nora Statle Løndal