Ingvild Brekke Espedal

Let us get to know one of the members of the project, Ingvild Brekke Espedal. Name: Ingvild Age: 22 Hometown: Sandvika, Akershus Study program: Mechanical Engineering Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, volleyball. Motivation and some expectations: As a Norwegian citizen, I’ve been privileged to have access to advanced medical equipment and be covered by some the best … More Ingvild Brekke Espedal

DTU and sponsors

Hello! We arrived in Copenhagen less than a week ago, and have since then been very busy at DTU (Denmark’s Technical University). The thing that struck me about DTU first was its size. Coming from the small campus of Gløshaugen in Trondheim, I am used to being able to walk from one side of campus … More DTU and sponsors

Ingeborg Kvammen

Name: Ingeborg Kvammen Age: 21 Hometown: Fræna, Møre og Romsdal Study program: Mechanical Engineering Hobbies: Hiking, exercising and crafting. I heard about the project about a year ago, and thought that this must be so meaningful to both the student and the people in Nepal. When I got the chance to apply myself, I could … More Ingeborg Kvammen

Raoul Pathak

Name: Raoul Pathak Age: 24 Hometown: Kristiansand Study program: Mechanical Engineering Hobbies: Science and engineering, fencing, design, languages   This program attracted me on many levels. I have an interest in mechanical and electrical engineering, I would like to apply my studies in practice, and I would like to solve real issues. On top of that, … More Raoul Pathak

Endre Verlo Nes

Name: Endre Verlo Nes Age: 22 Hometown: Lier, Buskerud Study program: Mechanical Engineering Hobbies: Badminton, Training. I was lucky being born in a western country. Hadn’t it been for medical knowledge, would I not be alive today. As little I was operated for pylorusstenose only four weeks old. It is a small intervention, but nevertheless … More Endre Verlo Nes

Trym Granerud Nygaard

Name: Trym Granerud Nygaard Age: 21 Hometown: Sandvika, Norway Study program: Mechanical Engineering Hobbies: Cross country skiing, sports, hiking I have always wanted to help people in need, but not felt that giving money to an organization was the best thing to do. I have wondered what the most efficient method of charity work is, … More Trym Granerud Nygaard


A huge part of our project is fundraising. To be able to go to Nepal,  we need to cooperate with companies and organisations, as well as departments, faculties, and other agents at the university. Project Nepal NTNU is hopefully going to be an annual thing, and was organised for the first time last year. Since … More Fundraising

About the project

We are a group of 8 students from NTNU who will take part in a non-profit humanitarian aid project in Nepal this summer, with the goal of repairing medical equipment at local hospitals. The project is coordinated by Engineering World Health (in collaboration with Technical University of Denmark), and will consist of a 3 week … More About the project

Ruben Buchmann

Let us get to know the first member of the project, Ruben. Name: Ruben Buchmann Age: 25 Hometown: Trondheim, Norway Study program: Electric power engineering Hobbies: Music, sports, acting Motivation and some expectations: I see the Nepal Summer Institute as an excellent opportunity to challenge myself both culturally and academically, while putting theoretical knowledge into … More Ruben Buchmann